We are born into a family system that has existed in a similar form for centuries, connected to each other by invisible links. Without even realizing it, we have a whole host of problems and difficulties stemming from our families that we carry around with us just as we carry the traits of our family members in our genes.

The deaths, accidents, injustices, loves, abortions, illnesses, sexual abuse, mismanaged finances, bankruptcies, drug addictions, fights, depressive episodes, and blood feuds that occur in our extended families can negatively affect our own lives by leading to harmful feelings such as hate, resentment, vengeance, and regret. In addition, these heavy burdens (which we might or might not be aware of) often cause pangs of conscience and bring about harmful recurring problems that we encounter over and over in our lives.

This collection of works, developed by the German psychologist and philosopher Bert Hellinger, aims to resolve the intergenerational tensions and strains that families often have. Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists are currently using and applying his methods in their work.

Family Units and Family Structures will help those who are currently enmeshed in these difficult work and family situations to find opportunities to work through their difficulties and to find lasting solutions.

Examples of family issues that might be tackled: family, friendships, marriages, children and relationships with children, communication, making a living, domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse, male-female relationships, love, illnesses, fears that can’t be overcome, everyday worries, patterns of thought, belief systems, understanding the underlying causes and problems of specific events, problems at work, friendships with co-workers, accidents, deaths, and trauma that happened in the past, etc…

Examples of systemic issues that might be tackled: real estate, trade and commerce, companies, good business practices (foundations, structures, habitually reoccurring problems), employer-employee questions and relationships, relationships among co-workers, customer portfolios, dealing with both profit and losses, what do to with the money you earn, smart investment strategies, etc…

Most of the time, we do things that we don’t want to do and don’t take actions for things we really want to do….
  • Are you running into the same type of problems over and over again in your life?
  • Do you always get stuck with the same type of people and stuck in the same type of relationships?
  • Are you experiencing problems in your personal life and/or marriage? Are you not finding what you’re looking for in your emotional relationships?
  • Do you have disputes with family members or parents? Do you think that they don’t give you enough support?
  • Do you encounter similar problems with money and work? Do you find it difficult to get along with your co-workers? Are you the victim of workplace gossip?
  • Do you find it hard to effectively manage your money? Do you struggle to save the money you earn or spend money on things you don’t need?
  • Are you unlucky? Do your friends and acquaintances frequently take advantage of you?
  • Is it difficult for you to find a suitable job despite the fact that you are well-educated and well-prepared for your career? If you do you have a job, are you not as successful as you’d like to be?
  • Do you feel like you are living a circumscribed life and that you have no way to make your dreams reality? Has all the joy drained out of your life?
  • Despite having material wealth and plenty of opportunity, do you feel unproductive? Uninspired? Unsuccessful?
  • Do you feel alone, worthless, and powerless for no reason?
All of these problems mentioned above might not solely be related to you and the things you do… Do you want to reevaluate your life, overcome your obstacles, and gain fresh insight on your problems and yourself?

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